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Membership in international associations and participation in various logistical forums and conferences have enabled us to build an extensive network of agency offices around the world

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Quick quotations and updates are the key to quality service. We place particular emphasis on this

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All partners & agents of the company undergo thorough secrutiny and selection, only then they are included in the base of our carriers

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Our support service is your guide to the world of quality logistics services, a personal manager will take care of your cargo at all stages of transportation.

Road Transport

The world is on wheels

Air Freight

Fast and on time

Ocean Freight

The oceans of cargo

Rail service from China

Alternative logistics

Road Transport


The most common and universal mode of transport in the world

This type of logistics service is widespread in any country in the world, as car transportation does not require additional infrastructure and is accessible to any area. Universality also ensures the existence of a large variety of trailers to provide transportation of various types of cargo.

Air Freight


This is the fastest and safest way of delivering your goods to Ukraine

A large number of agents worldwide and direct contracts with airlines allow us to achieve the lowest delivery cost for commercial cargo. Thanks to the aviation department, our company has been able to form a huge professional team, which allows us to offer competitive solutions for the delivery of your goods by air.

Ocean Freight


Intercontinental transportation of goods in container equipment

Container transportation is an integral part of the logistics services market. Transportation of goods in separate equipment (FCL) or in the consolidated container (LCL) from any region of the world in the import and export modes.

Rail serivce from China


Delivery from China to Ukraine in 21 days

New “Silk Road” or alternative logistics, this term is associated with multimodal rail transport today.
The rail freight service provides cargo collection on any terms Incoterms, rail transportation from China to Europe, and the transit clearance with further last-mile delivery to the door of the consignee in Ukraine. Transportation is available in LCL and FCL modes.

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What Makes Us Different

  • We are passionate about customers
  • We are energetic
  • We are performance driven
  • We are successful
Why customers love us

We are passionate about customers

Every day we consume the services of different providers, buying goods on online platforms and malls, estimating delivery times, and awaiting of our orders. As consumers of services, we have identified the key requirements for the organization of our own client service, and based on them have built the standards of our company.

We always put ourselves in the place of our customers

Why customers love us

We are energetic and eager

We are a young Ukrainian freight forwarding company founded in 2020, our main goal is to improve the level of multimodal transportation service in the Ukrainian market. Our employees have years of experience working with various industries, enabling us to quickly and efficiently deliver key industry solutions to our clients.

Quick calculations and quick answers are how we work

Why customers love us

We are performance driven

Long-term cooperation and the relations transition from “forwarder-client” to “partner-partner” is the first goal of our company. We are focused solely on mutually beneficial cooperation, in which all the participants of transportation are working on the main thing: “Delivery of goods safely and on time.”

Satisfied partner don’t looking for alternative

Why customers love us

We are performance driven

The success of the forwarding company depends mostly on the satisfaction level of customers needs, our partners will be happy to provide their recommendations and feedback on cooperation with our company. Openness in the market, participation in international exhibitions, training programs, social projects, and more are additional factors for our success.

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